Saturday, March 26, 2016

LG UH9500 vs UF9500 (65UH9500 vs 65UF9500; 86UH9500 vs 79UF9500; 98UH9500)

Although both the UH9500 and UF9500 are WCG (Wide Color Gamut) capable, they utilize different methods: the UH9500 has a quantum dot enhanced backlight whereas the UF9500 uses different LED phosphor colors. Regardless of the technology used, the goal is one and the same: to have narrow spectral output in the red and green, as well as blue regions of the spectrum so that the light source is perfectly optimized for the color filters resulting in spectrally pure primaries (i.e. red, green and blue), and wider palette of secondary colors (made by mixing these pure primary colors).

According to LG, the increase in color gamut is 30 percent for the Quantum Dot display TVs (such as the UH9500), and 25 percent for the ones with the different phosphor-based LEDs (e.g. the UF9500) compared to standard gamut TVs. That being said, both the UH9500 and UF9500 have rich and vibrant colors. Thanks to the True Black Panel, the UH9500 is better at minimizing reflections in comparison to he UF9500. The UH9500 also features Contrast Maximizer that separates objects from their backgrounds thus delivering more depth and contrast.

Unlike the UF9500, the UH9500 is HDR (High Dynamic Range) enabled and supports both HDR-10 and Dolby Vision formats. Besides the previously mentioned WCG (Wide Color Gamut) technology, HDR Plus label on the UH9500 indicates the presence of ULTRA Luminance for boosting peak brightness in addition to local dimming for improved black level performance. It should be noted, though, as is the case with the last year's UF9500, that having these two technologies doesn't necessarily mean the TV has the ability to process HDR metadata which is especially true for the Dolby Vision format since it requires a separate hardware chip to be present on-board. That being said, SDR (standard dynamic range) content also benefits from the ULTRA Luminance and local dimming in the form of increased contrast performance.

The UH9500 features the latest generation of LG’s Smart TV platform: webOS 3.0. Besides faster switching between various applications, there are some new features such as Magic Mobile Connection and Magic Zoom. The UF9500, having been released an year earlier than UH9500, comes with the previous version of LG's Smart TV: webOS 2.0. Magic Remote control is included with both series.

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