Saturday, February 27, 2016


The main point of differentiation between the OLED65G6P and OLED65E6P is their sound capabilities since the picture quality is identical. The G6 and E6 are able to display Cinematic Color with DCI-P3 color space coverage of approximately 99%. The peak brightness for HDR (High Dynamic Range) content is at least 540cd/m2 (as required by the "Ultra HD Premium" certification they have) and the black level is less than 0.0005cd/m2. However, each individual pixel of OLED TVs can be completely switched off thus the G6 and E6 can reach an absolute black level and an infinite contrast. The two series are also future-proof in terms of HDR format compatibility because they support both Dolby Vision and HDR10.

The Picture-On-Glass approach LG is using allows for the G6 and E6 to have an ultra-slim profile as the OLED module is directly applied to the glass back panel. There is an integrated sound bar on both series but only on the G6 it functions as a stand and houses all the inputs and electronics. When the TV is wall-mounted, the G6's sound bar folds behind the TV but it still remains visible. The E6's sound bar and stand are separate, with the former being placed naturally between the base and the TV screen so it cannot be folded behind the TV and the inputs are situated on the back of the TV. The G6 has 4 HDMI ports, which are placed on the back of the sound bar. The E6, on the other hand, has its HDMI inputs on the back of the TV.

The G6 series has an audio power output of 60 Watts (20W woofer) for the 65-Inch model and 80 Watts (40W woofer) for the 77-Inch model. The E6, with only 40 Watts (20W woofer), has less powerful speakers but relatively deep bass that is on par with the 65-Inch G6 model. Also, the speaker system on the E6 is 2.2 channel vs 4.2 channel on the G6. However, both series have a sound system designed by harman/kardon as well as a decoders for DTS and Dolby Digital. Furthermore, there is a dedicated OLED surround mode on both series.

The G6 and E6 have the latest Web OS 3.0 smart TV platform. The G6 includes two remotes: Premium Magic Remote and Slim Card. The E6, on the other hand, only packs the Premium Magic one. Both series support the passive 3D format, and include two pairs of polarized 3D glasses.

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