Tuesday, May 12, 2015

65UF9500 vs 65UB9500 (LG UF9500 vs UB9500)

One of the major differences between the two series is that the UF9500 is equipped with a wide color gamut technology dubbed ColorPrime which utilizes different LED phosphor colors. On the other hand, the UB9500 uses standard backlight (of the edge-lit variety), which typically consists of only blue LEDs covered with yellow phosphor. The white light produced in this way lacks saturated red and, to a lesser degree, green components. Another disadvantage is that the color filters the white light has to pass through have to be spectrally broad, which diminishes their ability to clearly separate red and green channels, resulting in a reduction in both the purity and gamut of colors. In order to address this problem, the UF9500 resorts to using different LED phosphor colors, which helps it achieve a wider range of colors.

The UF9500 is equipped with the Ultra Luminance technology for the purpose of improving brightness by the means of analyzing the brightest and darkest parts of the displayed content and making the necessary adjustments. The UB9500 lacks such technology, so its dynamic range is more limited in comparison to one of the UF9500.

The quality of the upscaled content is mostly identical since the Tru-4K Engine Pro can be found in either of the two series. They both feature the "TruMotion 240Hz" technology which, by the means of backlight scanning and enhanced frame rates, reduces motion blur. Furthermore, the native refresh rate is 120Hz on both of them, so they are equally suitable for sports and action films.

The UF9500 comes with the webOS 2.0 smart TV system, which is powered by a quad-core processor. The UB9500 has the original webOS system although a sotware update, which is due to later this year, is said to bring some of the webOS 2.0 features to last year's sets. That said, due to having only a dual-core processor, switching between different application might not be as fast as on the UF9500.

The total audio power output is 35 Watts on the UB9500 series and the speaker system is 2.1 channel. The 65-Inch class of the UF9500 series has 60 Watts audio power output and 4 channel speaker system. The 79-Inch class has 35 Watts of audio output power and 2.1 channel speakers. The UF9500 series has an “auditorium” stand which is designed to further enhance the sound.

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