Thursday, May 28, 2015

65UF8500 vs 65UF7700; 60UF8500 vs 60UF7700 (LG UF8500 vs UF7700)

The two series are largely identical save for the fact the UF8500 has 3D capabilities whereas the UF7700 does not. It should be mentioned, though, that there are some significant differences within the UF7700 range. For example, the Ultra Luminance technology is omitted from the 70-Inch and 79-Inch class. Furthermore, the 70-Inch class, unlike the rest of the series, doesn't use an IPS type of panel. On the other hand, the 60-Inch and 65-Inch class devices of both series (UF8500 and UF7700) have the Ultra Luminance technology which makes it possible for a higher peak brightness to be achieved. The LED Plus technology is present on all models of the two series, hence they can all benefit from the contrast ratio boost which is achieved through dimming of the edge-mounted LEDs. However, the dynamic range is more limited on the 70-Inch and 79-Inch UF7700 sets in comparison to the 60-Inch and 65-Inch (of either series) due to the absence of the Ultra Luminance technology.

There is a 2 channel speaker system with a total output power of 20 Watts on either of the two series, except for the 79-Inch class of the UF7700 series, which has 2.1 channel speakers providing 35 Watts of audio power. The UF8500 sound system has been designed in collaboration with harman/kardon, so you can expect it to be more finely-tuned than the one of the UF7700.

Both of them support the playback of HEVC and VP9 encoded files (and streams). In order to have a chroma subsampling of 4:4:4 with 4K@60Hz feeds, the HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color option has to be set to On. Otherwise, the maximum chroma is 4:2:0 (when the Deep Color is set to Off) with 4K@60Hz signal. There are three HDMI, one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports on each member of the two series.

Both the UF8500 and UF7700 utilize the webOS 2.0 powered by a quad-core processor for providing smart TV functuality. The 2015 version of the Magic remote is included with either one of them.

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