Thursday, October 23, 2014

65UB9500 vs 65UB9200 (LG UB9500 vs UB9200)

Although they both employ an IPS panel with a 4K resolution, there is a difference in the picture quality due to the UB9500 being equipped with the pro version of LG's proprietary upscaling engine dubbed "Tru 4K Engine Pro" whereas the standard "Tru 4K Engine" is present on the UB9200. The former, aided by the enhanced Super Resolution Algorithm, makes it possible for almost all visual errors that may result from the upscaling process to be removed, thus it's less likely for any blurry images to appear in the outcome of the upscaling. That said, the results still may vary depending on the quality of the source content. The UB9500 incorporates 4K Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology for the purpose of reducing to a minimum motion blur when watching 4K content that has fast moving objects in it. As a result, the UB9500 receives higher Ultra Clarity Index (UCI) of 1500 UCI vs 1320 UCI on the UB9200, thus the former is more suitable for sports and action movies.

The smart TV functionality, although readily apparent in both of them, is being delivered through different platforms: the UB9500 relies on the new LG webOS platform while the LG Smart TV (2014 edition) is utilized by the UB9200. The webOS brings a number of improvements in order to make the smart TV experience more intuitive. An example being the Launcher Bar, which enables an easier way of switching between apps, so you don't have to exit the application you're currently using in order to go to another one. The UB9200 uses the so-called Home Dashboard consisting of different tiles, including ones for showing a picture in picture, input list, settings, premium apps and more. The UB9500 includes the Magic Remote control which is a motion-sensing, so you can either simply point and click, or use the scroll wheel. There is a built-in microphone and a natural voice recognition capability, thus it possible to control various aspects of your TV by speaking into the Magic Remote. On the other hand, the UB9200 comes with a standard remote but it supports the Magic remote (model number AN-MR500), so it can be purchased as an optional accessory.

The UB9500 has 4 HDMI inputs while the UB9200 has only 3. Both series can accept 4K @ 60Hz signal, albeit only 8-bit 4:2:0. With the UB9500, a higher color depth (10- or 12-bit) while having the same (or 4:2:2) chroma sampling for 4K feeds is supported but only on the HDMI port 3.

The passive 3D technology is present on the UB9500, therefore you can watch content in 3D by wearing the polarized 3D glasses. On the other hand, the UB9200 is devoid of any 3D capabilities.


  1. Thank you! This is exactly the info I was looking for.

  2. thread on 4k 4:4:4 TVs says the 2014 LGs can do 4:4:4. He's doing a test to determine it. Here's the link:

    "The only TVs I've been able to find that do this so far are LG 2014 4K models, when using HDMI port 3."

  3. Thank you for the explanation!

  4. Thank you! You would think LG would list this kind of info on their specs list.. but no.. It doesn't even tell you they're HDMI 2.0 ports.

  5. You don't need the magic remote. Just install the app and it has mouse navigation and all the keys