Saturday, August 30, 2014

UN65HU8700 vs UN65HU9000; UN55HU8700 vs UN55HU9000 (Samsung HU8700 vs HU9000)

While the curved screen should suffice for creating immersive viewing experience on both series, the HU9000 features some additional techniques, namely: the Auto Depth Enhancer and the PurColor, so it's able to add a greater sense of depth to the image, as well as to more detailed shades of color. Combined, these two features produce a nearly 3D effect without glasses. However, it needs to be said that they are not available in all pictures modes. Unless you select a picture mode that has the Auto Depth Enhancer enabled, the difference in the picture quality between the HU9000 and the HU8700 is rather negligible, especially considering they are both equipped with the UHD dimming and the Precision Black dimming. The latter dims the edge-mounted LEDs corresponding to the dark areas of the image, while the ones that lighten bright areas are kept fully lit, thus the contrast is improved. In case of the UHD dimming, a large number of zones across the image are scanned and the brightness is automatically adjusted resulting not only in brighter whites and deeper darks, but also in the removal of the so-called halo effect that may emerge as a side-effect of dimming the edge-mounted LEDs.

Navigating through the 5 panels of the Smart Hub and switching between different application is faster on the HU9000 thanks to the Quad Core Plus processor. The HU8700 also has a Quad Core processor (sans the Plus labeling), so it most likely has lower clock speed, which means multitasking won't be as fast as on the step-up series. However, it's powerful enough to support the Multi-Link Screen functionality. Thus, you can have live TV, On TV recommendations panel and a web browser (or a streaming video application) on the screen at the same time. The HU9000 has an integrated pop-up camera, which allows for hand motions to be utilized in order to control various aspects of the TV, such as browsing the Smart Hub. Gesture control is also possible with the HU8700 but it requires attaching an external camera that is sold separately. Both models support voice interaction through the built-in microphone on the Smart remote control. You can also use either the touchpad, or the point and click functionality of the smart remote, in order to quickly navigate though the Smart Hub.

In terms of the accessories, 4 pairs of 3D active glasses are included with either of them. The One Connect Box, which houses the inputs and the processor, is only included with the HU9000, but the HU8700 also supports it, so when the new One Connect box is released in the future, both series can be upgraded in order to get improvements in the performance and new Smart TV functions.

Despite the slightly lower Clear Motion Rate of 1320 CMR on the HU8700 (vs 1440 CMR on the HU9000), the panels on both series have native refresh rate of 120Hz, which makes them equally suitable for fast motion content.

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