Monday, June 3, 2013

Samsung S9 (F9000) vs Seiki SE50UY04

Apart from the ultra-high definition resolution, these sets don't have much in common. That can hardly come as a surprise considering that they serve different purposes: the Seiki's device is an entry-level, bare-bones 4k television, while the the Samsung's one is a top-of-the-line model that includes all the features from the 1080p flagship devices plus the added resolution.
  • In terms of the motion performance, the S9 series from Samsung comes with 1200 CMR (Clear motion rate) with the native refresh rate of the panel being 240Hz. On the other hand, the Seiki set is only 120Hz and it lacks dejudder mode.
  • While the Smart TV functionality is completely absent from the SE50UY04, the S9 features the Smart Hub, as well as to applications, S-recommendation engine, and a full web browser, all of which is powered by a Quad Core processor. The Seiki also doesn't have support for 3D.
  • When it comes to connectivity options, they come pretty close as the Samsung has 4 HDMI (vs 3 on the Seiki) and 3 USB ports (vs 2 on its opponent). S9 also has an Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi which SE50UY04 lacks. The latter one, though, has a VGA input which S9 doesn't have.
  • While both of them are edge-lit models, the Samsung 4K set has local dimming as well as to a "Micro Dimming Ultimate" which is a software division of the screen into many different zones and subsequently handling of the contrast, color and sharpness enhancements of the picture in each of these zones individually.

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