Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sony XBR 4K XBR-84X900 vs LG 84LM9600

The sets with 4K resolution have an obvious advantage over their 1080p counterparts as they have more than 8 million pixels (vs around 2 million pixels on Full HD devices), resulting in a better picture quality if you use 4K source material, but unfortunately at this time there isn't much content that has been recorded in ultra high definition, so you will have to rely on the upscaling mechanisms. Which leads us to:
  • The biggest difference between these two is the fact Sony has developed a new chip dubbed XCA8-4K especially for upscaling to 3840x2160 resolution, while LG are re-using their already existing resolution upscaling technology, which was originally designated to up-converting to 1920x1080 resolution, so it is potentially inferior when used in an ultra high definition set. Based on these facts, we can conclude that XBR-84X900 has the upper hand in handling the 1080p material. In terms of 4K source material both of them should perform equally well.
  • When it comes to finding a remedy for the main downside of the 4k televisions: the lack of content, Sony appears to be more devoted than LG. Not only the Japanese company includes a server loaded with 4k movies with their 84-Inch TV but has recently launched the Video Unlimited 4K service, which provides access to an expanding library of Ultra HD feature films and TV shows.
  • The LG's magic motion remote is very intuitive to use, thus LG has the upper-hand in this area because the remote on the Sony is not motion-sensing.

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